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Candace Silkwood


Candace Silkwood - Candace Ann Martin Silkwood was born in Saratoga, California. She was raised between there and a family cattle ranch in Oregon. Her interest in art began in early childhood. She has painted and sculpted for as long as she can remember. Candace's career as an artist began at age 13, when she sold her first piece. Since then, she has had numerous commissions and has exhibited her work in Los Angeles and throughout the Bay Area. Artistically, Candace has explored a wide variety of media and materials. Painting has been her primary outlet, though she has explored both sculptural work and installation art. Her love of color drew her to glass. Her fascination with glass found an outlet fifteen years ago when she began assisting Tom Stanton, a local glass artist in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Working production introduced her to the idea of making art as a team. She also found that she had an apt patience for cold working.

In 2002, Candace met Treg Silkwood. The two immediately fell in love and soon after combined their talents to form Silkwood Glass, a custom, hand-crafted glass company. Treg and Candace bring complimentary talents to their partnership, Candace's painterly sense of color and good eye for design are coupled by Treg's glassblowing expertise and mastery of form. As each piece is formed from the molten glass, the couple shares a dynamic relationship. Throughout the creative process, their interaction seems choreographed in a whirl of constant motion and ongoing discussions about color application, proportions and design features.