Silkwood Glass
Barnacles 6x10x7.jpg

The Marine Series

The Marine Series

Engaging in the creative process is one of the most enriching experiences I have found. It makes me feel alive like nothing else, like I’m an integral part of life and the world around me. This is more than an intellectual pursuit. It’s like a spiritual dance. By honoring my creative nature, I am able to examine my life experience through a new lens and engage in the power and potential of the human spirit.
— Candace Silkwood
Coral Noir 12x15x13.jpg

Coral Noir, 2007 12x15x13

Oceanica Carnival, 2016  15x10x9

Ocean's Deep, 2016  16x10x12

Coral Outcrop Wall Sculpture, 2016  15x11x4

Oceanica Nouveau Wall Sculpture, 2016  18x14x4

Neuvo Marina 15x11x7.jpg

Neuvo Marina, 2016  15x11x7

Crystal Chard Vase Sponge 19x12x9.jpg

Crystal Chard Vase Sponge, 2016  19x12x9

Brilliant Chard Vase Sponge  21x13x9.jpg

Brilliant Chard Vase Sponge, 2016  21x13x9

Brilliant Vase Sponge Detail.jpg

Detail Brilliant Chard Vase Sponge, 2016 21x13x9

Red Atol 23x20x16.jpg

Red Atol, 2008  23x20x16


Niijima Red Sponge on Brain Coral with Sea Grass, 2017  19x10x9

Vase Sponge on Brain Coral 15x10x11.jpg

Vase Sponge on Brain Coral, 2012  15x10x11

Red Coral 11x7x5.jpg

Red Coral, 2008  11x7x5

Frosted Shell on Coral 5x8x5 .jpg

Frosted Shell on Coral Branch, 2008  5x8x5

Blue Sponges 14x6x5.jpg

Blue Sponges, 2010  14x6x5


Bleached Coral with Starfish, 2007  17x13x10 

Tube Sponges with Sea Grass 15x10x8.jpg

Tube Sponges with Sea Grass, 2012  15x10x8


Detail Bleached Coral with Starfish, 2007  17x13x10

Barnacles 6x10x7.jpg

Barnacles, 2006  6x10x7