Silkwood Glass
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The Fossil & Stone Series

The Fossil & Stone Series

I strive to appreciate each and every moment. It’s not easy, but it’s my commitment to finding a path toward enlightenment.
— Candace Silkwood

Major Fossil, 2008 23x14x10

Ammonite Fossil, 2008 11x7x6

Minor Fossil 9x5x3 .jpg

Minor Fossil, 2008 9x5x3


Stone Urn With Ammonites, 2017  23x9x9

Stone Urns with Ammonite Fossils, 2008 19x10x10 & 14x13x13

Meditation Stones 9x14x12.jpg

Vermillion Meditation Stones, 2010 9x14x12

Crystal Chard Vase Sponge 19x12x9

Emperor's Jar, 2006 15x13x13

Amethyst Bowl 13x9x9.jpg

Amethyst Bowl, 2005 13x9x9

Sandstone Vases, 2008 27x16x7 

Meditation Stones 7x13x9.jpg

Adventurine Meditation Stones, 2012 9x14x12


Crossroads, 2001 36x120x100