Silkwood Glass
Stream 1996 39x18x12.jpg



The true magic of glass is in its ability to capture and manipulate light. It isn’t a source of light, but light flows through it, can be broken by it and re-formed. There’s no other material quite like it. Looking through glass has enabled people to see the world in innumerable ways. It was only by harnessing the magnifying power of glass that our ancestors gained access to understanding the nature of the very big and the very small. Think about it, without glass we wouldn’t have telescopes and microscopes and would be operating from a very limited perspective of the world.
— Treg Silkwood
Zach Globe.jpg
Zach Blas .jpg

12" Diameter Spinning Crystal Globes custom made for London based Artist Zach Blas 2017


The two Globes were used as props for the Art Film Zach is Producing



250 Patron Saint Glasses for Lazarus Brewery Austin, Texas 2016



Glass Chard Waterfall created for Private Residence in Palo Alto, California 2016 


"Harvest" installation created for Advantest Lobby in San Jose, California 2012


Treg installing the last piece.

Advantest 2014 120x96x8.JPG

"Harvest" is composed of 77 interlocking Roundels.


Tehuana Goblets for Artist Valeria Florescano created in Mexico City, Mexico 2010


Black Zanfirico Tehuana Goblet Pair


Latticino Tehuana Goblet


Newton's Cradle 2007 24x12x24.jpg

Newtons Cradle 24x24x12 created for BAGI Auction 2007. Purchased by Steven & Allison Aldrich Palo Alto, California.


Candace's Custom Royal Masks 2005 


Feminine Diety


Masculine Diety

Stream 1996 39x18x12.jpg

Cast Stream 39x18x12 Private Commission Alfred, New York 1996

Stream 1996 Backlit 39x18x12.jpg

Stream with Back Lighting

Stream 1996 Backside 39x18x12.jpg

Stream Backview