Silkwood Glass
Pale Green Latticino Conch 13x8x6.jpg

The Shell Series

The Shell Series

We are not simply replicating nature. We translate what we see and feel. The impact of our work on the world may be small, however it’s another voice celebrating the shared experience of humanity.
— Treg Silkwood

Apricot Latticino Conch, 13x8x6

Brilliant Chard Vase Sponge  21x13x9.jpg

Latticino Conch Shells, 13x8x6

Blue Sponges 14x6x5.jpg

Pale Green Latticino Conch, 13x8x6

Latticino Conch Shells, 9x17x6

Nautilus, 2011  13x10x8

Opaline Turban Shell, 8x13x7

Gump's Catalog Cover Shells, 5x5x14

Aqua Optic Conch 9x5x4.jpg

Aqua Optic Conch, 9x5x4

Apricot & Gold Optic Conch Shells, 13x11x9

Fancy Crackle Shells, 9x11x14

Crackle Conch Shells, 3x11x5

Cone Shells, 8x4x4

Teal Cone Shells, 8x5x3

Cowrie Shells, 4x11x7

Bronze Cowrie, 4x7x3

Cowrie Shells, 4x7x9