Silkwood Glass
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The Woodland Series

The Woodland Series

Modern life often denies connections between things as simple as fields and roads and as complex as life and death or as seemingly contradictory as the technology of a smart phone and the breeze in the trees. I believe all these things are connected, and are integral to each other and to me. I hope my artwork illustrates those connections in both clear and subtle ways. I want you to feel the rhythm of life and sense the natural cycles of our world. I challenge myself to create artwork that evokes a sense of wonder, balance and interdependence.
— Treg Silkwood

Stone Bowl with Maple Branch, 2017  9x14x14

Oak Branch with Acorns 10x13x4.jpg

Oak Branch with Acorns, 2012 10x13x4

Large Maple Branch 11x17x5.jpg

Large Maple Branch, 2008 11x17x5

Medium Maple Branch 12x8x5 copy.jpg

Medium Maple Branch, 2008 12x8x5


Small Maple Branch, 2008 9x9x4

Acorn Cluster  9x7x5 .jpg

Acorn Cluster, 2008 9x7x5

Acorn Cluster 9x7x5.jpg

Bronze Acorns, 2008 9x11x14

Meditation Stones with Pistach Leaf 2008, 8x16x13, $2,300 copy.jpg

Meditation Stones with Pistach Leaf, 2008 8x18x13