Silkwood Glass

The Vessel Series

The Vessel


We live in a complicated world full of struggles, of pain and hunger, of dwindling natural resources and overpopulation. What can we do as artists but find and express the truth of what we see in the world. When we see something exciting, we try to reflect that spark in our work. When we are confused or inspired, we want to capture those emotional states, and so allow you to come along our journey with us.
— Treg Silkwood
Family Snapshot, 2001 copy.jpg

Family Snapshot, 2001  19x75x12

Stiched Urn.jpg

Copper Stiched Urn, 2000  19x15x8

Blue Waterfall Vases.JPG

Blue Waterfall Vessels, 2003  11x9x16


Medicinal Urn, 2000  7x8x8


Shark Skin Medicinal Urn, 2000  10x7x7


Poison Arrow Bottle, 2000  11x7x7


Bomb Bottle, 2000  7x4x4

Golden Eden 15x8x8.jpg

Eden Unearthed, 2003  15x8x8

Charis 15x5x5.jpg

Charis, 2003  15x5x5


Venetian Poison Bottle, 2000  16x3x3


Topaz Prunted Bottle, 2000  7x4x4

Hydria 17x9x9.jpg

Hydria, 2003  17x9x9

Amphora 13x5x5.jpg

Amphora, 2003  13x5x5

Crystal Chard Vase Sponge 19x12x9

Jade Bowl, 2003  6x9x10

Golden Stamnos 14x12x12.jpg

Golden Stamnos, 2003  14x12x12