Silkwood Glass
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The Seaweed Series

The Seaweed Series

Treg and I love to walk along the beachs and tidal pools as we comb California’s coastal reserves for things that catch our eye. Our constant sense of discovery keeps us connected to this place we call home. We hope our art conveys our appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the world around us.
— Candace Silkwood

Neptune's Treasure, 2006  9x32x26


Kelp Branches, 2015  7x15x36

William Traver Seaweed 5x15x9.jpg

William Traver Seaweed, 2011  5x15x9

Rio Del Mar 2007, 13x7x5, Whsle. $800.jpg

Rio Del Mar, 2007  13x7x5

29. Medium Conch with Bull Kelp 2006   8,14x10   $500.jpg

Reflection, 2006  8x14x9


Seaweed at the Beach, 2003